IT Business Solution from Czech Republic and Italy

IT Business Solution from Czech Republic and Italy

About us
We! Technology is an IT Business Solution company that helps Software Design Houses, Application Development Companies, and Tech Agencies with complex projects that require remote-system capabilities and infrastructure.

We! Technology – Your IT solutions company

Our expertise is managing remote projects that are ever-evolving and go beyond the standard specifications. We employ an innovative methodology in managing remote teams that deliver exceptional results, information security and increased productivity. We are structured to succeed in advanced and highly demanding projects through seamless and effortless progress, cost, and delivery monitoring.

Bridge Methodology

Here at We! Technology, we have derived our very own method of delivering projects and business services to our overseas and on-site clients. We utilize our fourfold principle to achieve effectiveness and efficiency in providing quality services and robust products to our clients.

Bridge Levels

We offer different types of bridges at different levels of environments and requirements. These customized offerings will help your business at different levels achieve cost efficiency, productivity, and efficiency.

Shared Team


Looking urgently for skilled IT professionals?
We!Technology can offer shared services for the areas you need. Why have one technical expert when you can benefit from the collective knowledge of our team of expert IT professionals.

Dedicated Team


Do you need IT professionals for a long term project? It is costly and time consuming to find, hire, and train a team of dedicated IT professionals for a project. We!Technology offers you highly qualified and certified IT teams to let you focus more on your business.

Project Based Team


Do you want to successfully turn your idea into reality? Our certified and experienced project managers are here to provide you management and experience to accomplish your goals. Tell us what you need and we will deliver excellent results.

We not only provide remote teams and workers but  we also provide clients headhunting and recruiting services. We specialize in every step of the recruitment (search, assestment, and negotiation).
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We!Technology provides a wide range of outsourced services that your company requires, in different sets of technologies and demand. Thus, we have put together professional teams that have vast and related experiences for your outsourcing needs.


Address: Domažlická 1256/1, 130 00, 
Prague 3 – Žižkov, Czech Republic

Number: +44 (0) 2032878378


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