6 Traits of a Great IT Professional


So you need to hire an IT professional? Technical knowledge and skill are vital to the job but you also need to focus on the general character attributes every IT pro should have and how they apply them to their everyday job.

Below are characteristics you want to find in your next IT professional.

  • Loves technology. He is passionate about the IT industry. He loves the work.  His purpose is rooted in information technology. He loves the challenge of solving problems, finding solutions through the use of technology.
  • Loves learning.  He has insatiable thirst for knowledge about the industry.  He  must be inquisitive and curious about new trends not only in the field of IT, he just loves to learn and absorb new information on other related industries.  He attends trainings and seminars to enhance knowledge and skills for personal and professional growth.

  • Great technician.  He must be great at programming, software development and technology infrastructure. .  At the base of it all, he has to have the knowledge and skills.  Maybe experience is not always there yet as you may know there are a lot of talented fresh  IT/ Engineering graduates who have not yet had extensive experience, but the hiring manager and IT manager should be able to recognize talent.

  • Flexible and versatile – An IT professional must be adaptable.  The most successful computer professionals have skills that go beyond information technology, such as skills and knowledge in business and finance. Technology is so fast paced so needs to be able to keep up with the times when needed.  

  • Team Player.  He must work well with others. He needs to have good communication skills. He sees the value in collaboration. He realizes that everyone plays a vital role in the success of the project or task.

  • Great at analysis and problem solving.  Computer professionals are called upon to efficiently solve problems with networks, software, and other programs. Having the willingness and ability to address production problems together with the deep analysis they bring can make you an asset to your organization and go-to person when issues arise.

Success comes from good character and habits.  Hiring the right IT professional is crucial to the success of your organization.   

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