How to Cut Android App Development Cost

There’s the never ending debate in mobile app development on which platform is better, iOS or Android?  To be honest they each have their own pros and cons. But if your client really requires an Android app, which based on research shows can be more costly than iOS, then let’s impress your client with what your services can deliver without draining your client’s pockets.  Here are ways to cut back on android app development cost without sacrificing the quality of the finished product.

Cost to produce an application boils down to hours it takes to makes the project. The budget for an Android app will be higher because the coding, testing and support require more man-hours. Android programming options, while more robust than iOS, gives TOO MUCH options. So you spend hours debating and compromising on design, functions and features.  Save man hours by sticking to THE design and functions plan. Have your team working with the plan and avoid unnecessary revisions.  Stick to the essentials and forego frivolous extra that maybe only 20% of your customers will use.

Hire a budget-friendly well-experienced android developer. Talents like these are hard to find.  But they are out there.  The benefit of having an expert is they know what they are doing and they have devised a system, their own trusted methodology for app development.  They can deliver the product in less time and less cost per hour.

Outsource your requirements. Your team of developers might already have their hands full and you need to get this app done fast and under a budget.  A great business strategy is to outsource. There are several very competitive providers who can deliver the product within reasonable rate.  No need to hire more people and house them in your office.  Some providers work with remote professionals which can save you operational costs.

If you find yourself in a bind needing to develop a quality android application with limited resources, we would like to offer our services.  We!Technology provides IT solutions to fellow IT companies how are perhaps experiencing budget constraints with their development projects.  

We can provide complete mobile application development, from start to finish or even catch where you left off.  We work under strict deadlines and honor those deadlines.  We make sure the hours we put in produce quality work.  When you work our team of experts, you are still in control.  This is your project, your brand, your company that should be represented. You decide on your level of involvement in the development. We have a creative and innovative team that can work with limited resources. We are great at being resourceful.

We!technology understands that there are unavoidable circumstances in the IT business that we are forced in a corner.  We would like to ease off some of that stress by helping you deliver on your promises to your clients. Let’s work together so you can stay on top of your game.

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