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Pros of Having a Dedicated Outsourced Team

You must have gotten marketing materials from outsourcing service providers who can offer different types of  Service-level agreement when it comes to outsourcing manpower for your IT business.  A shared outsourced team can mean the assigned team can be working with more than one client at a time.  This is ideal if you want to take advantage of the collective knowledge of IT experts from the outsourcing provider.  Some teams are contracted only for the duration of a project.  As soon as the product is delivered the relationship with the client ends but you can for sure hire their services again.   

With a dedicated outsourced team, you, the client, and outsource provider both agree on the service, workload, project requirements for the specified amount of time and outsource company provides IT manpower for the client.  As the name implies, this team is only dedicated to exclusively work on tasks and projects for your company. Eventually,the client has full management control over the project and team, while service provider is used for recruiting and administrative support.

Dedicated teams’ main advantage is working as parts of your organizational structures, which allows you to have a flexible workforce depending on the project requirements. This model is most trusted form of IT outsourcing both for large companies and small software firms and start-ups.   If an individual is working on several projects for different companies simultaneously , as in shared teams, the quality of the result may suffer.


Here are some of the many pros of hiring an outsourced Dedicated team.

  • Full control – As the client, you still have complete control over the project and staff.  You can still head the project and keep track of the progress.  You can certainly ask the team to adapt your company’s culture and work values.  In other words you can still do it your way.  We only have provided the manpower and some resources.

  • Transparency – You have access to all the documents and records, updates and progress concerning the project. You can monitor the expenditures and budget accordingly.

  • Flexible terms – There will be an SLA between you, the client and the outsourcing company.  However, you will find that there is a lot of room for adjustments in the workload and scope.  Terms are usually not fixed and change requests can be made at any moment;

  • Loyalty – The dedicated team develops loyalty and trust with you and your company.  Stronger working relationships are established.

  • Deeper understanding of the business – When dedicated team members work for some time with a client, they have profound understanding of client’s expectations and clearly see the set goal.  They will be familiar with your business and will have an idea of what you already what to achieve.  

  • Better collaboration – Because the team works exclusively for your company’s projects and processes, over time, you will build a more open and fearless way of communication.  There will be team cohesion and stability.


We already know that having an outsourced service can save you on cost and stress.  You do not need to worry yourself about hiring and training the most qualified IT professional for your business. No need to spend or invest on more software and infrastructure for the project.  Outsourcing can do the projects you require at a fraction of doing it in-house.  We!Technology provides support for other IT companies who need help in managing their projects.  When you outsource some of your projects, you are then free to take on more clients for your business.  Let us help you with your outsourcing needs.  

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