Recruitment: Globalizing Your Business

Recruiting agencies have access to hidden gems in the market.  They have connections with different companies and have sifted through the profiles the jobseekers.  They are experts at matching the needs with the solution.  You can expect that nowadays, recruiting agencies will be global.  As a decision maker in your tech company, you should consider working with a recruiting agency for your next IT personnel. The points below are convincing reasons for partnering with a recruiter for offshore talents.

Expands the talent pool

You do not have to limit yourself with local talents.  A recruiter can you find a better candidate halfway around the world who will mostly agree to a lower salary in exchange for working home.   Also, if you want high quality talent but can’t afford to break the bank, you’ll might find a great full-time engineer in the Philippines or India willing to work for a fraction of the cost and if not for recruiting services, that you might not have ever known that option was available.

Recruiters will find you the best

Because their bread and butter is the fee for getting you the right candidate, they will want this process done as soon as possible and as often as possible.  They will then present the most qualified and best match for your opening.  You cut time and cost of assessments and personal interview as recruiters have already filtered the candidates.

You Will Have a Team With Different Perspectives

With recruiters having access to global talent, you might want to consider hiring offshore employees working in different countries and cultures.  You introduce variety in perspective and methods.   This will come in handy when trying to find unique ways for solving problems and during project development as new ideas can spring from different backgrounds.

You Can Have People Working in Different Time Zones

Another very practical benefit for having employees from around the world is that someone will be working around the clock.  When you receive emails about complains, response time can be shortened and therefore be appreciated by the customer.  Another example is if your business need constant update and reporting, having a staff from the other side of the world will be handling the otherwise graveyard shift for you.  Employees in different time zones means production and operations never stops


For your next IT professional, look to accommodate partnering with We!Technologies IT professionals.  Our global talents and managers are waiting for the right company for their knowledge and skills.   

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