Quality Assurance Specialist


We!Technology are seeking for a tester/quality assurance person who loves to find bugs, try unlikely scenarios and be able to put the hat of a user to improve user experience of the product, on both Web and Mobile.


You will be in charge of:

  • Developing test plans and work with developers and product team to test new features of the products, on both Web and mobile Apps
  • Help the developers understand what needs to be tested by involving in the requirements gathering process and provide detailed analysis and recommendations;
  • Implement recommended design changes, unit tests and regression tests for both performance and data integrity as well as document processes and changes



- You love setting up frameworks and love giving input on how to re-organize roles and responsibilities to improve QA

- You’re motivated to automate as much of QA as possible – and love researching new ways to do so

- Nothing gets by you – you understand a complicated product deeply and think of all the edge cases

- Proactive – you love giving feedback and strive to build a better product

- Not afraid to think

- You are a self-motivated, independent, detail oriented, responsible team-player

- You possess excellent communication skills


Fixed salary + bonuses at software deliveries

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